Comprehensive voice management system

Comprehensive voice management system

Due to the need to use sound systems in mosques, amphitheater halls, stadiums, morning ceremonies, etc., the need for an audio system that can meet all the needs of users in an integrated, flexible and high quality is essential is necessary . This knowledge-based system has been designed and built for the first time in the country in order to facilitate the use and integrated management of audio systems based on local knowledge in Ertebat Gostar Fajr Sepahan Company.


: System capabilities

- Connect to a computer for config and control over the network

-  No direct dependence of the system on the computer

- Control 1 to 64 units of six amplifiers (a total of 384 separate speakers)

- Ability to control the volume of each speaker separately through hardware and software volumes

- Has an LCD display on each unit to display the modes and volume level of each speaker

- Has 16 programmable keys

- Ability to select 10 microphones for different mixer channels

- Ability to select 8 different audio sources

- Control of other equipment by programmable output relays up to 64 relays (according to conditions)

- Has FM radio with the ability to program and adjust the frequency

- Automatic call to prayer system (via radio with audio file)

- Controllable system from different locations according to collection needs

- Ability to control situations via mobile phone

- Control the system via Wifi connection (Android software)

- Ability to control all settings online through the software


: Software capabilities

- Ability to control all settings online through the software

- Control and view the status of the system through the map

- Ability to backup all software settings

- Has a changeable password to change settings

- Reporting system activities in any way that is activated such as keyboard, mobile ٫ Wifi, remote and ...


: Media unit capabilities

- Ability to automatic playback of audio files

- Audio recording capability

- Ability to connect flash memory to the system


: Each key configuration

On each of the system control panel keys, the following parameters can be defined by the software.

- Determining positions

- Choose mixer channels

- Adjust the volume of each output sound

- Restrict access to hardware volumes

- Adjust FM radio frequencies

- Adjusting the output relays

- Setting system activity schedule (date and time)

- Adjust the input of audio sources


: Further Details

The operation of this system is very easy and even beginners can manage this system.

This system can be programmed through software. Once configured by the software, the system is not dependent on the operating system and can continue to operate independently. In the software settings, you can enter the map of your complex and specify the location of the speakers on the map.

This system has the ability to manage the volume and cut off and connect the sound manually or programmed by the control keys. In order to facilitate the sound settings for different programs, it is only necessary to make the configuration settings once, and after defining the keys, by pressing them, the sound settings will be done immediately.

For example, in speech programs, a number of speakers with different volume volumes are to be activated. Therefore, a key is configured for the speech program. For prayer, praise, music, etc. in the same way.

In this way, if the changes are applied manually, all the settings will return to the original state by pressing the key again.


This system has 16 control keys on the control panel, which can be 16 different modes to control the volume of each speaker, select the audio source input to the device, select microphones on different mixer channels, play radio programs, relays Define control and ... for each of the keys.

This system has the ability to select input from 8 different audio sources such as: different mixers, AUX port, etc.

Another unique feature of this system is the ability to program a number of relays to control other peripherals such as: lighting control, doors, heating system, cooling and ....

This system has a built-in FM receiver for broadcasting radio programs, that the frequency and timing of its activities are done in the software section.

The system also has a schedule for automatic activation for various programs. These settings are available to the user and can preset the time of activation and deactivation and the type of program execution.

This system has the ability to connect to the mobile network according to predefined numbers, to activate the capabilities remotely. Also, this system has limited control capability through Wi-Fi connection and software that is installed on Android devices.