Subsurface communication systems

Subsurface communication systems

Radio communication (wireless) is one of the most important methods of communication. Today, all military organs and relief agencies and many industries use radio networks to provide communication between different parts.

One of the biggest challenges in such networks is the lack of communication in underground places (such as tunnels, mines, etc.).

Subsurface communication systems allow the users of such networks to communicate with each other or with outside the complex (on the surface) with appropriate antenna coverage in the entire subsurface complex.

With more than a decade of activity in this field and using experts in the field of telecommunications and electronics, this company has been able to design and implement multi-channel radio communication systems suitable for tunnels and subsurface complexes in the country for the first time.


:Advantages of the system

-Support for several separate channels

-Connection with external collections and surface networks

- Can be implemented in digital and analog networks

- Ability to connect to call recording systems

-Ability to define access level and channels planning

- Completely Iranian parts and equipment (without dependence and restrictions on supply and manufacture)