About Us

Fajr Sepahan Scientific Research Group since 2007 with the aim of research in the field of production of electronic equipment in the field of passive defense and crisis management, by a number of creative experts and scientific elites interested in research and innovation in research, design, production and implementation of electronic projects And telecommunications, in order to provide services and technology development in the country began to operate.
In order to pay attention to domestic production and self-sufficiency of the country, the company by examining the needs of target markets and the pathology of existing, by manufacturing its products has been able to produce and supply part of the equipment needed. It is worth mentioning that considering that all stages of designing, assembling and assembling projects are done within this company, all these products can be updated according to the customer's order and based on their needs and technical specifications. In this company, in line with the advancement and development of digital technologies in the world, the production of high quality products in accordance with international standards has been important, in this regard has had significant success and is now introduced as one of the knowledge.
The main activities of the company are as follows:
1. Design, construction and implementation of multi-channel subsurface communication systems (including mines, subways and underground sites)
2. Design and equipment of wireless radio communication
3. Design and equipment of wireless radio cellular communications
4. Design, construction and implementation of Access Control System
5. Design and implementation of Road Blocker
6. Design and implementation of personal traffic gates
7. Design and implementation of intranet networks
8. Improving the security and optimization of intranet networks
9. Equipping crisis management communication vehicles
10. Design of crisis management rooms and tables
11. Data transmission via Radio Modem in frequency bands (UHF & VHF)
12. Design and manufacture of GP series antennas from 50 MHz to 500 MHz
13. Design, construction and implementation of intelligent alarm system (multi-siren system) with parallel communication capability
14. Industrial remote control device systems
15. Design and manufacture of touch keys
16. Design, construction and implementation of intercom communication system
17. Construction and implementation of manageable paging networks
18. Manufacturing communication interface equipment in industrial automation
19. Urban Crisis Management system
20. Comprehensive sound management system (morning squares, public and religious places)
21. Design and implementation of various peripheral protection systems
22. Implementation of image processing systems (sub-vehicle scanning, production line inspection, license plate reader)
23. Creating parallel communication 25. Co layers in sensitive centers
24. Installation of high-powered motor sirens
nsulting in the field of passive defense projects and crisis management