Intercom page communication system

Intercom page communication system

Today, due to the development of technology and the development of industrial centers in the country, laws and regulations for better management
There are potential crises that are sometimes necessary even in small workshops.
Therefore, timely warning alerts to crisis managers and timely notification to individuals can prevent many
Damage to life and property.
In order to create these systems, infrastructure, equipment and training of personnel must be on the agenda in advance.
The tools must be used in such a way that they themselves are safe in the event of a crisis or at the least risk of damage.
Obviously, equipment such as telephones and wireless can not respond to information operations in these circumstances
Be quick to react. Therefore, it seems that one of the most important equipment needed at this time is a paging system and reliable intercoms.
One of the problems with page systems is that they are one-sided. That is, only the ability to communicate from the center
If this relationship is two-way, it can also alert the crisis management or centers
Have control.
The company carefully designed the issues of passive defense, needs and existing information systems, designed and
Has built Page and Intercom systems to meet the needs of industrial centers.

System capabilities :

Ability to create pages from all points
Ability to create point-to-point conversation
Has a desk console for use in control centers
Completely independent communication without the need for a center
Ability to connect up to 4 km
Touch page key suitable for the industrial environment
Screen to view performance
Ability to display the time, date and ambient temperature
Low power consumption 60 watts
High strength metal body

: Custom features

Upgrading audio amplifiers to increase page speakers
Ability to record conversations and pages
Ability to build an explosion-proof system