Fajr traffic control system

Fajr traffic control system


 Access control system means monitoring and controlling the entry and exit of people, vehicles or groups according to a specific schedule from a physical barrier such as a door, barrier or passage. Generally, in simpler terms access control is when to access or not to access a door or passageway. The traffic control system can be used in security centers, organizations, offices, factories, etc. In addition to traffic control, it is possible to report traffic for the presence and absence of individuals and employees of a complex by this system.

Traffic control system:

 Relying on the indigenous knowledge, the specialists of this company have designed and built a traffic control system in order to take a step towards the self-sufficiency of protection and monitoring systems. All parts of this system, including hardware and software, are designed, programmed and built in this company. Using this system, all input and output passages can be fully and continuously monitored, and in case of any security problems, it can be followed up and checked. In this system, a traffic card is issued for each person to use it in all inputs and outputs. This card acts as a key and by defining the accessible places of the person in the system, this key can be activated or deactivated. This system also has the ability to connect to a license plate reader camera. Therefore, it can be defined that a car, in addition to a traffic card, can be entered with an authorized license plate number. This system also has the ability to open and close the doors online. This important feature in view taken for the movement of people and ambulances such as fire, ambulance or temporary revocation of the license of people, cars for a specific crossing. In this system, by defining places as sensitive areas, if a door is left open for a long time, a warning message is sent to the control room.

 Fajr traffic control system consists of two parts, hardware and software, each of which is described below.


This system has a software that is used to configure the system and apply settings on the system. Also, using this software, all activities of the system and people can be reported.

Software capabilities:

* Ability to define 10,000 cards (personal information, name of company or organization, personal photos, areas and times allowed)

* Annual, monthly, daily and hourly accreditation of individuals or vehicles for each of the passages or each of the Zones

* Ability to define Zone for a set of DACs

* Ability to create group and group credentials

* Disable cards in case of loss or unauthorized movement of people

* Ability to validate cards for a long time and define discontinuous times for validation

* Ability to match the car with the driver by person card and license plate

* Notification to stay open longer than the time allowed for the door

* Activate or deactivate the doors in a planned and online way

* Ability to program the doors to stay open or closed during power outages

* Ability to display personal information, photos of people and entry or non-entry permits when applying for a card for authentication

* View traffic online

* Reporting the traffic of people and vehicles individually, time and passage

* Ability to use multiple limited points simultaneous to manage the system

* Ability to determine the level of user access by the system administrator


 The hardware part of this system consists of four main parts:







The server is responsible for monitoring, controlling and configuring the system. Validation of cards and traffic licenses are done by the relevant software and this information is uploaded on the server.

SERVER communicates with sub-centers or LCUs via LAN and transmits all settings to them.


It is responsible for receiving and storing information received from the server, as well as receiving information from subdivisions and implementing and processing this information and issuing control commands. Also, if the network connection is disconnected after configuration, the sub-centers will continue to operate due to storage. The LCU connects to the server over the network and communicates with its subset, the DAC units, via the RS485 protocol. All reports of operations performed by DAC and READER are stored in this unit. Each LCU can support up to 16 DAC units via the READER connection.



[08:53, 6/9/2021] +98 921 169 5892: This unit is responsible for receiving READER information and transferring it to the connected sub-center and executing orders issued by the sub-center. This unit consists of several relays to open and close the passages and input card readers. The DAC unit can be used to command a variety of automatic doors, traffic gates and road blockers. The DAC unit connects to the READER via the RS485 connection.




When the card is placed next to READER, its information is received and sent to the decision-making units. If the LED indicator card is allowed, it will be displayed in green and if the indicator card is not authorized, it will be displayed in red.